The St. Thomas-Elgin Local Immigration Partnership (STELIP)

The STELIP is a collaborative community initiative to facilitate the development and implementation of sustainable solutions for the successful integration of newcomers to St. Thomas and the County of Elgin.

Our Vision

St. Thomas and Elgin County communities will be a culturally diverse, welcoming, caring, and inclusive community that will retain current residents, welcome newcomers, and provide them the opportunity to successfully integrate, contribute to, and benefit from social, cultural, and economic inclusion

Our Principles

To ensure that the work of those associated with the initiative promotes inclusivity, the following principles have been adopted:

Inclusivity – The work of the Council and the members of working committees will be inclusive of all immigrants in the St. Thomas-Elgin community regardless of their immigration status, citizenship, age, gender, health status, sexual orientation, and number of years in the community. The Council shall work towards equal participation while promoting social justice.

Collaboration – A working relationship will be developed between the host community and the immigrant community to build a welcoming, caring, and inclusive environment.

Empowerment – Our work will strive to promote new immigrants’ capacity to live their lives with the ability to be economically stable, live in adequate housing, and provide for themselves and their families through their own means and their own decisions.

Sustainability – A plan shall be developed to ensure that the work of the STELIP Council will continue to make improvements to immigrants’ experiences and the community as a whole.

Our Priorities

In 2020 STELIP began to implement their new strategic plan, increase community measurement, and work towards a Theory of Change model with the aim that by 2025 80% of newcomers to St. Thomas Elgin will progress from settlement to integration within 5 years of arriving in St. Thomas or Elgin County. With the implementation of a new Strategic Plan the priority areas have also been updated. The new areas of focus have been redefined as 

  • Workforce Development and Employer Supports 
  • Community Readiness 
  • Equitable Supports 
  • Education 
  • Civic and Social Inclusion