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Before There Were Loca...

Before There Were Local Immigration Partnerships

In 2005, Ontario signed the first Canada-Ontario Immigration Agreement (COIA) as recognition that municipalities have a crucial role to play in offering newcomers the necessary support and services to their successful integration with the local community. The Municipal Immigration Committee (MIC) was established under COIA to explore municipal interest in immigration. The first Local Immigration Partnerships were established […]

Establishing a LIP in ...

Establishing a LIP in St. Thomas & Elgin County

St. Thomas and Elgin County’s collective efforts to look into the establishment of the Local Immigration Partnerships started in 2009. The Elgin & St. Thomas Labour Force Development Committee, through its 2010 Development Strategy, identified the settlement and attraction of new Canadians as a priority. The need to take concrete actions to research, develop strategies, and build […]

STELIP’s Research Phas

STELIP’s Research Phase

In the first year of existence, the STELIP focused on gathering information about supports that existed in the community, and identified newcomer needs that could be addressed. The community engagement and research aspects of the initiative were designed to take into account the principle of inclusivity. These outreach and research activities crossed many sectors as […]