The Public Awareness priority considers the community as a whole and focus to promote the value of diversity and the valuable economic, social and cultural contributions made by immigrants to our communities.

Activities look at finding ways to acknowledge the residents of St. Thomas and Elgin County who have been supporting newcomers and immigrants in their process of integration. More specifically, members of this Working Group will work to:

  • Develop public campaign of multiculturalism
  • Cultural and Diversity awareness to youth
  • Celebrate immigration in the community

Some areas of progress include:

  • Participation in community festivals
  • The Living Library – A cafe style event in which community members have a conversation with newcomers to learn about their experiences
  • Tell your Story – This is a video project that tells the story of the immigration process of some of the newcomers in the community
  • We Are St. Thomas – Elgin – A video series of local immigrant business owners
  • Cultural Diversity awareness and promotion on social media
  • First ever Cultural Bazaar held in February 2017
  • Diversity Activity Package in partnership with local Before and After School programs