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STELIP’s Research Phase

STELIP’s Research Phase

In the first year of existence, the STELIP focused on gathering information about supports that existed in the community, and identified newcomer needs that could be addressed. The community engagement and research aspects of the initiative were designed to take into account the principle of inclusivity. These outreach and research activities crossed many sectors as […]

Implementing the St. Thomas-El...

Implementing the St. Thomas-Elgin LIP

The second phase of the STELIP project is the development of sustainable solutions through the implementation of the Settlement Strategy for the region. The past three years of the project have been focused on the five priority areas, as established in the first year of the project. The progress of the project can be explored […]

“Council Votes to Help Newcome

“Council Votes to Help Newcomers”

St. Thomas Journal, 10 September 2012 ST. THOMAS – St. Thomas city council wants to be more active in helping newcomers. Members passed a motion approving a host of things during Monday’s meeting after a deputation from YWCA education and employment manager Shelley Harris on behalf of the St. Thomas-Elgin Local Immigration Partnership council. The Immigration Partnership […]