The St. Thomas-Elgin Local Immigration Partnership considers the area of the City of St. Thomas, and Elgin County. Elgin County is comprised of 7 Municipalities and Townships: West Elgin, Dutton/Dunwich, Southwold, Central Elgin, Malahide, and Bayham

Population in 2016

Elgin County: 50,069 people
St. Thomas: 38,909 people
Total Population: 88,978 people


Elgin County: 1845.3 km2
St. Thomas: 35.5 km2
Total 1880.5 km2

     Population Density

Elgin County: 27.1 people/km2
St. Thomas: 1096.0 people/km2
Total: 47.3 people/km2


Mean height above sea level: 760 feet (231.6 metres)



The region offers unique advantages to residents, businesses including manufacturing and agriculture with convenient access to Highways 401, 402 and 403. Railways, airports and marine ports are all close by.

Driving time between the London/St. Thomas city limits is only seven minutes or approximately 25 minutes between the centres of both cities.

Canada – U.S. border crossings are within easy reach.

Sarnia/Port Huron 110 km/68 miles west
Detroit/Windsor 185 km/114 miles west
Buffalo/Fort Erie 215 km/ 133 miles east