“Planning Events that are Culturally Inclusive” is a free guidebook developed by STELIP to help you plan events that are safe, respectful, and welcoming for community members of all cultural backgrounds. The guidebook is a tool meant to help you start asking questions, reflecting, and planning from a perspective that considers cultural appropriateness.

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We understand the unique challenges associated with planning community events, including limited time and resources, particularly if the event is run by volunteers. Additionally, we acknowledge that “community events” is a wide category that encompasses a number of very different types of events. Some information contained in the guidebook may not be applicable to your situation or may be impossible for you to implement. The guidebook is not a prescriptive list, but rather a starting point for learning.

What is a culturally appropriate event?

A culturally appropriate event is one that is safe, respectful, and welcoming for community members of all races, ethnicities, and cultural backgrounds. Ensuring your event is culturally appropriate means approaching all elements of event planning with that goal in mind, from scheduling and venue selection, to choosing food and drink, selecting themes and decoration, booking entertainment and more.

Why is it important to make sure events are culturally appropriate?

Above all, it is important to ensure events are culturally appropriate so that everyone in our community feels safe, respected, and welcomed. Additionally, as our communities become more diverse, and our collective knowledge of equity, diversity, inclusion, and justice concepts increases, there is more understanding of the negative impacts of events that are not culturally appropriate.

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