We launched an exicting video project in 2021 to highlight meaningful characteristics of newcomers and immigrants in our community and celebrate the rich diversity in St. Thomas and Elgin County. 

STELIP teamed up with a local videographer Chris Cherry to create a short video called, “See Me As I Am” to acknowledge the long history of and celebrate the immigrants and newcomers in our community.   Participants in the video were asked to showcase a part of their identity that they are particularly proud of that is also relatable and similar to others in the community. While STELIP always works to celebrate individuals and their uniqueness, it is also a great reminder to consider the vast similarities we share. The project was created to help community residents focus on commonalities they have with local immigrants and visible minorities instead of seeing them as “others”.

Two videos were created, a shorter teaser and a longer main video. Please take a second and watch to find out more about your neighbours in our community!