Chair – Juliane Hundt
YWCA St. Thomas-Elgin

Juliane joined the CDC in autumn 2014 and assumed the role of Chair in 2018. She is committed to helping raise awareness of the benefits of cultural diversity and to facilitating activities  and events that encourage positive dialogue and exchange. As an immigrant to Canada and someone who has a working background in the immigrant and refugee sectors in Canada and abroad, she is passionate about supporting activities that promote inclusion and respect and to showcasing the region’s cultural heritage.


Iffat Farooqui

I have been a memberCDC since it was formed. I am proud to be a member because of the vision for this group. I believe that by coming together respecting and celebrating of  different nationalities, backgrounds, ethnicity, race, colour, social status is enriching the Elgin county. We can all be different and yet be proud Canadians!!


Tricia Flatley

Tricia was born and raised in Aylmer and is a graduate of the Media, Theory, Production program at Fanshawe and Western University.  She currently works at the Elgin Middlesex Oxford Workforce Planning and Development Board. She joined the Cultural Diversity Committee, which is an integral part of our county, in the fall of 2016, after attending a STELIP event. She saw the passion of the diverse community and wanted to use her knowledge and skills to build on the momentum.  She is also a Big Sister with the Big Brothers Big Sisters of South Huron and enjoys teaching her “little sister” about the importance of volunteering and giving back to the community. She is looking forward to breaking down the barriers facing newcomers in Elgin County so that everyone has a chance to succeed in their own way. With a degree in Media, Information, Techniculture, she has met some amazing people within the community and is excited to continue to tell their stories in innovative ways.

Marna Berry

I have always loved to travel… real travel, GREEN travel… with cultural experiences filled with intimate encounters with the people of the country. I had the amazing opportunity to live in the “Amazons Of Costa Rica” for 20+ years developing eco lodges and experienced what it was like to be a newcomer to another country.  It was heart warming to have the locals sharing with me their language and expertise on the incredible nature there.  I am back “home” now in Port Stanley and enjoy being part of a community that welcomes newcomers into our country.

Patricia Maki

I am an occasional elementary school teacher, an ESL teacher, and a children’s tutor who graduated from University of Saskatchewan with a major in Religious Studies and a minor in Ukrainian. I was brought up in a Ukrainian family and lived in Japan for eight years. We moved a Japanese company to Canada and I was in charge of the start up.  Multiculturalism has always been part of my life so joining the committee was a great fit!  I am happy to get involved in a committee that is making an impact on newcomers lives and modelling inclusion.