Participants learning the Saxonia dance

On September 29th, community members and cultural dancers came together at Studio Dance Pointe in St. Thomas for Global Rhythm: A Celebration of Cultural Dance. A collaboration between STELIP and Studio Dance Pointe, Global Rhythm was just one of many events held across the city and the country as a part of national Culture Days, an annual celebration of culture across Canada.

First Nation Jingle Dress dance


Beginning at 7pm, the evening’s festivities featured dancing from five cultural participants/groups: First Nations, Cambodia, Saxonia, Highlands and Latin. Rounding out the evening was a featured performance by some of Studio Dance Pointe’s dancers. Each dance, with the exception of the First Nation performance, also featured a teachable component where the public was invited to stand up, join in and learn some of the more basic elements of the dance.



Participants learning a Highland dance.


STELIP wishes to thank all of those who came out to participate in what was a terrifically successful and enjoyable #CultureDays event! And a special thanks to Studio Dance Pointe and all of the dancers for their wonderful talent, performances and patience!  It was so much fun and we hope to do it again next year.