For the month of February we invite you to join us for a global culinary adventure!

To highlight the cultural influences in local restaurants, STELIP has teamed up with Railway City Tourism and Small Business Enterprise Centre to bring you 

GLOBAL FLAVOURS: International Taste Experience of St. Thomas & Elgin

Restaurant patrons are encouraged to embark on a culinary adventure by trying new flavours and cuisines offered at participating restaurants. Patrons will collect stamps when they purchase a meal item from participating restaurants. Passports are available at the locations or can be printed at home. Returning customers can collect multiple stamps if they frequent the same restaurant. 

At the end of the month, participants with at least four stamps will be eligible for a prize draw. Additional prizes will be raffled to individuals who tag a picture of their experience on social media using hashtag #globalflavours. STELIP encourages getting the whole family involved and will have a special prize pack for kids.  

STELIP acknowledges that there are many opportunities locally to experience other cultures that often go overlooked. We want to highlight and thank the wonderful business owners in our community for graciously sharing their heritage and helping the community better understand the benefits immigration brings to the local culture and economy. We benefit from the many aspects of culture and diversity from those who choose St. Thomas and Elgin County as their home. Right now, small businesses need our support more than ever, and this event is a chance to help increase traffic to participating restaurants and inspire our community to try new flavours and cultural cuisines. 

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