Following on the heels of Boler Mountain winter tubing and ice skating in Aylmer, week three of the STELIP Newcomer Youth Recreation Program found the participants enjoying a hike around the Dalewood Reservoir. The hike was lead by members of the Elgin Hiking Trail Club, who set a quick pace for the 6km hike while also permitting time for breaks, and for the youth to enjoy their time in the beautiful surroundings. And how beautiful it was! The colder weather of the preceding week broke just in time, and the +3 temperature along with the clear blue skies were the perfect setting for the event (not to mention that it made for great snowball-snow!)

Our thanks to the wonderful leadership of Brian and Tom from the Elgin Hiking Trail Club. The STELIP recreation program resumes with a return to Boler Mountain on Saturday, February 3rd for snowboarding lessons and an afternoon on the slopes.

The group taking a rest during the hike. – Photo credit Laing Studios