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Welcoming Newcomers is...

Petrusia Hontar on behalf of the Elgin Workforce Development Network Elgin This Month – November 2016 In St. Thomas – Elgin we have welcomed over 1,700 newcomers  between 2001 and 2011. A large portion does not consider English as their first or native language.  There currently are 58 different languages spoken here including Low German, Dutch, […]

Canadian Film Day – ST

STELIP is thrilled to be part of Canadian Film Day for the second year in a row!  We have partnered with an organization based out of Toronto called REEL CANADA which focuses on supporting and showcasing Canadian Film. As part of their mandate REEL CANADA has been running NATIONAL CANADIAN FILM DAY annually in April, […]

“St. Thomas-Elgin’s an

“St. Thomas-Elgin’s annual ‘Moving Forward’ event celebrates cultural diversity”

Published in St. Thomas Times Journal February 14, 2015 Cultural diversity is sometimes more visible in urban centres than in rural communities. But an event next week aims to shine a light on the breath and depth of culture in St. Thomas and Elgin county. “Here in Elgin county sometimes there are misperceptions that we […]