We are excited to announce that STELIP together with the Elgin Oxford Middlesex Workforce Development Board and Rogers St. Thomas Elgin have launched a new television show called We Are St. Thomas-Elgin. This show showcases stories of newcomers, outlines supports provided by local service providers, and shares some cultural recipes and cooking tips. Tune in on the local St. Thomas Rogers channel. See below for the air times.
We Are Elgin-Rogers TV Poster

List of Episodes

Episode 1: Socharita Nhem and Rek Em, YWCA Settlment Service, Carlota Dala (Honduran Enchiladas)

Episode 2: Lady Louisa Stevens, Central Community Health Centre, Adma (Lebanese Baba Ganoush)

Episode 3: Francisco Enns, Elgin County Economic Development and Elgin Business Resource Centre, Jake (Dutch Olibollen)

Episode 4: Anna Dyck, Elgin County Library, Smey (Cambodian Vegetarian Spring rolls)

Episode 5: Justina Bergen, Mennonite Community Services, Katerina (Mennonite Noodle Soup)

Episode 6: Iin Carder, Fanshawe College, iffat Farooqui (Kheer, Pakistani Rice Pudding)