The industry is the economic sector of the employer, it is a statistic that looks at what types of economic activity exists in a region. The Labour force Development Strategy Update released March 30, 2012 identified the sectors of targeted development as:


  • Energy and Environment
  • Agriculture and Agribusiness
  • Manufacturing
  • Creative Economy
  • Tourism
St. Thomas

  • Green Collar Economy
  • New Food Economy
  • Automotive
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Entrepreneurship and Business Diversification

The region’s history is rooted in railway activity and agriculture; the County enjoys one of the longest growing seasons in the nation and as a result continues its tradition of agriculture (8% of industries).The figure shows the industries of Elgin County and St. Thomas with the manufacturing sector as the main industry of this region, at 24%.   During the difficult economic times in Elgin County and St. Thomas many of the large factories have closed in the last few years resulting in a shift in the industries.


For more information on industries in the area please go to:

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