In general the age pyramids of Elgin County show populations that are decreasing with, birth rates lower in recent years than in previous; this is particularly evident in Dutton/Dunwich, Southwold, Central Elgin and West Elgin. This is supported with the 2011 Census Statistics as seen in the table below, Southwold and West Elgin both showed population declines, Central Elgin and Dutton/Dunwich showed minimal growth while Bayham, Malahide, and St. Thomas showed significant Growth. Only Aylmer has an age pyramid with an increasing birthrate, although their birth rates vary greatly from year to year. One important characteristic that can be seen across Elgin, including St. Thomas, is the large out-migration of the population from the mid 20’s to mid 30’s. The absence of this age group is alarming because of the need to enforce the economically active population. If the population in the age range do not return, and if the next generations reach this age also leave the area, there will be large deficits in the workforce and tax base. Finally, it is also important to mention that Bayham has a very young population with the oldest member of the community only 91 years of age. This can indicate that the community is just establishing, or that the life expectancy in this region is lower than the other municipalities across the County.