Median Age
Canada 39.5
Ontario 39
Elgin + St. Thomas 38.1
Bayham 34.7
Malahide 34.1
Aylmer 38.2
Central Elgin 42.5
St. Thomas 38.8
Southwold 39.9
Dutton/Dunwich 40
West Elgin 42.9

Compared to Canada and Ontario, Elgin County in general is considered young. However, Central Elgin, Dutton/ Dunwich and West Elgin havehigher median ages, a result of an increase in life expectancy and low birthrates

Bayham and Malahide have a significantly younger median age than Canada and Ontario.  A young median age is desired because it indicates a young and vital workforce and women at child bearing age, naturally increasing the population.

The polarity seen between the East and West in terms of median age reveals difference in the compositions of the populations.