Successful integration requires participation and engagement from both the immigrant moving into a community, as well as from the existing community that is welcoming the newcomer. Community readiness speaks to the latter of that relationship by helping to equip all community members with the tools, knowledge and awareness required to support and promote the integration of newcomers. This activity is important to help improve opinions of diversity and immigration by helping community members develop relationships with immigrants. STELIP will support a range of community engagement strategies and community based public education including establishing opportunities for local immigrants to share their culture and immigration stories, creating public spaces and activities that connect established residents to newcomers, and working to inform municipalities as they create intentional policies and practices of attraction and retention. 

Events like Global Flavours, Community Conversations, Multiculturalism Day, and Diversify Your Art help foster understanding, learning and growing together as a community as we acknowledge and honour the rich diversity in our community.

By focusing on the local residents and municipalities the Community Readiness strategy will set the environment for building a welcoming, caring, and inclusive community.