When immigrants first settle in a community, they need to understand how to navigate the Canadian systems. The focus of this strategy works to ensure immigrants have their basic needs met by providing them relevant information to make informed decisions. By focusing on developing the supports offered by direct service providing agencies and emphasizing knowledge transfer, immigrant clients will be able to independently access and participate in the community. STELIP will work in the community to increase awareness, strengthen referrals, and build programs that accommodate newcomer needs. Referrals are specifically important for connecting immigrants to the local settlement agencies to ensure clients are receiving a full suite of services.

The main outcome of this priority is the annual Walk With Me event: a networking event for service providers and newcomers. In the last four years over 40 local service providers have gathered to gain a better understanding of what is provided in the community. 

In the past, our Key note speakers included: 

  • Dr. Leeno Karumenchary, Diversity Solutions Inc. – Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity in the Provision of Services 
  • Martine Duviella, Citizenship and Immigration Canada – Multicultural Awareness 
  • Avril Currie – Saunders, OISE PhD Candidate -Collaboration: Learning together in a community of service for Inclusion 
  • Michele Manocchi, Seeds of Change, CAMH: Changing Perspectives: How to Approach Migrants Health Issues 
  • Janet McAllister, CAMH – Health Equity in Systems Improvement: Key Concepts and Strategies for Change 
  • Dharshi Lacey, Pillar Nonprofit Network – Unconscious Bias 
  • Dr. Zayed, McKenzie-Zayed Clinical Psychologists, Trauma Informed Care 
  • Petrusia Hontar, St. Thomas Elgin Local Immigration Partnership – Before you Sign 
  • Summer Burton, Literacy Link South Central –  Blended Model Service Delivery 

In the case of Francophones, we will ensure service providers have an understanding of the unique francophone integration pathway.  

STELIP is dedicated to ensuring newcomers have the supports they need, and will provide local statistics to identify groups or service areas that may require modifications additional support. The community currently recognizes a specific focus on newcomer youth; STELIP will work with the local school board and settlement agencies to ensure their needs are being met. Other specific areas of focus that will support newcomer autonomy are in healthcare, housing, and childcare.