Entering the local employment market is a primary focus for most immigrants that settle in the region. Workforce planning and development will be needed to ensure healthy and robust labour markets are established, labour gaps are filled, and local immigrants are actively engaged. STELIP’s work will focus on initiatives that assist immigrants in increasing their economic potential to gain meaningful employment. Supports for local newcomers will focus on soft skills training and volunteer / placement opportunities in local workplaces. 

We’ll also work with local municipalities, employment agencies, and workforce development committees to provide knowledge and information in hiring foreign trained talent and immigrants. Specific education for employers is centered on system navigation for hiring foreign trained workers including understanding the Labour Market Impact Assessments needed for Express Entry and accessing individuals from outside of Canada. As immigration programs are updated and changed, STELIP will ensure we are best positioned to disseminate the information to all interested stakeholders. 

Successfully integrating immigrants into the local labour market is a key component to retaining them in the region and will be a driver for economic growth in this rural community.